Medical Massage Services


Medical Massage as Sports Massage
Great for athletes before or after the game. Restore your muscles after heavy exertion.
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Medical Massage as Pre Natal Massage
Relieve and reduce back pain, muscle tension and headaches.
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Medical Massage as Post Natal Massage
Find relaxation and stress reduction through pain relief and decrease swelling.
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CBD Medical Massage

Uses CBD infused lotions and creams
Reduce tension, and help relieve chronic pain. Alleviate anxiety and stress through relaxation while nourishing the skin.
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The Hyperbaric Chamber

Many hospitals and clinics now offer Hyperbaric treatments, or HBOT, to people of all ages to help heal or improve a wide variety of conditions. Former and current professional athletes including Lebron James, Terrell Owens and Joe Namath, have been utilizing HBOT for years. 

HBOT is for anyone struggling for relief from a physical injury, ailment, impairment or if you just want relief from sore achy muscles. You can receive treatments for $70 – $105/hour, depending on your package choice. Check out for more information about the benefits of using HBOT as part of your wellness choices.

Student Massage Clinics

Take advantage of discounted rates for massage treatments in our student clinic.

Student rates are just $15 for 30 minutes and $30 for an hour!

Student Clinic Hours

Mondays: 9AM – 12PM  |  1PM – 4:30PM  |  6:00PM – 9PM

Fridays: 9AM – 12PM

Licensed Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapists accept appointments on their own private schedules during non-student times. Professional rates apply to licensed massage therapists. Call (269) 685-8114 to schedule with Brianna Morris or Rachel Mayhew today!

Brianna Morris

Brianna Morris

Rachel Mayhew

Rachel Mayhew