Welcome to Integrative Health Sciences Institute!

We specialize in relief from pain. We use a very unique approach that employs a combination of manual therapy and medical massage. Our goal is to normalize tissue, decrease inflammation, and restore range of motion, to get you feeling better. We like to say that it is deep tissue work without the pain! Call for a free consultation or just to ask questions. The only thing you stand to lose is your pain!

How medical massage addresses your concerns.

  • Medical Massage is applied systematically and progressively to reduce acute and chronic inflammation and restore normal joint complex function.
  • Medical Massage is delivered specifically to an anatomical region or area of the body based on the assessment of the soft tissue and the range of motion of the client.
  • Medical Massage promotes soft tissue repair and healing while feeling relaxing and wonderful to the client.
  • Medical massage doesn’t just temporarily relieve the problem, it ADDRESSES the problem.

Why Choose Us?

Medical Massage as well as other Manual Therapies we use are evidence based sciences aimed at correcting imbalances within the muscular and skeletal (musculoskeletal) systems of the body. Properly applied therapy will help to decrease pain and discomfort and decrease inflammation. It will increase joint range of motion and help to normalize tissue environment.

Dan Morris N.D., D.N., and co-owner Pamela L. Morris L.M.T., M.M.T., Diplomate, C.A., M.H. are not only licensed massage therapists, but hold several diplomas and certifications in massage therapy, medical manual therapy, medical massage, chiropractic therapy, herbalism, personal training, holistic health, acupuncture, patient management, and medical administration.

We take pride in proven methods and sciences performed with high-level expertise and years of experience.